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    Are you having problems with your garage door? Well, it might be because it is old. The average lifespan of a garage door is around 15 to 30 years. In this period, the door will open and close more than 10,000 times. Just imagine all the springs, cables, screws, belts and bolts supporting a 2,000-pound door over so many cycles. It is an engineering marvel that it lasts so long.

    The lifespan can be extended even further with timely repair and replacement. So, if you are facing garage door problems, what you need is Eloy Garage Door. We offer the highest quality of garage door repair at the most competitive prices in Bloomingdale.

    DIY is Not Always the Best Option


    You might think that I can fix my own garage door, or you might want to get a cheap mechanic for it. But these are not great options. A garage door is extremely heavy and contains lots of moving parts, such as garage door cables and torsion springs. Experience, skill and the right tools are required to ensure the highest quality repairs. But when you do not have the right tools and just a 10-minute internet crash course on repairs, things can go very wrong.

    By doing the repair on your own, you might be at risk of suffering a serious injury. In the worst-case scenario, it could include amputation and even death, in certain cases. In fact, around 20,000 garage door repair related injuries are reported each year. Most of these are from people making it a DIY task. Plus, there is also the chance of damaging the garage door further. Your garage door repair might end up costing a huge amount after your failed effort. All these could apply in case you hire an inexperienced technician as well.

    Safe and Reliable Repairs


    That is why you need services of the experienced professionals at Eloy Garage Door. We are a family-owned business that has been serving the Illinois area since 2000. One of the things that has kept us at the top for so long is our highly qualified team of technicians. We have a team of experts, who know how to handle all types of garage doors and their components. All our technicians go through extensive training, learning everything there is to know about garage door installation and repair. We do not allow our technicians on the field until they have completed their training. We also ensure that all our projects are completed on time and on budget.

    More Than Just Repairs


    We don’t just offer garage door repair. If you want a new garage door for Sale in Bloomingdale, IL, we can provide you that as well. We can offer the best residential & commercial garage doors, according to the size, mounting, sideroom, glazing and finish you desire. We also offer installation of variety of garage door openers, including belt drive & chain drive openers. Plus, we offer high quality accessories, such as keyless entry. Keyless entry would make your garage much more convenient and secure.

    So, contact us right away for the best garage door repair and installation services in Bloomingdale.

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