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    A damaged or faulty garage door can be an open invitation to burglars. If you think that’s not going to happen to you, here’s some statistics that could help you change your mind. More than 3 million burglaries take place in the US every year, of which two-thirds are home break-ins. The point of entry for burglars is usually a rear door or a garage door.

    If you wish to protect your property, contact Eloy Garage Door today for a free estimate. We are a leading garage door repair service in St Charles and are adept at evaluating the strength and vulnerability of garage doors.

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    About a tenth of burglaries occur from forced entry through an insecure garage door. Experienced burglars know that they can simply pull on the cord attached to the garage door emergency release lever from outside using a simple clothes hanger. You can secure your garage door with a cable or wire to fasten the lever to the carriage assembly of the garage door opener it is attached to and effectively prevents thieves from using the hanger trick to break into your home. If you plan to be away for a while, should consider bolting the garage door to the wall or floor on the inside of the garage.

    Regular maintenance and upkeep of your garage door can keep it in top condition and reduce your vulnerability to break-ins. If you’re thinking, “Should I fix my garage door,” contact Eloy Garage Door. We can provide expert maintenance services and give your garage door a long-lasting life.

    High-Quality, Backed by Warranty

    At Eloy Garage Door, we go the extra mile for customer satisfaction. If your garage door needs a spring replacement, we’ll get it done the same day you call us. That’s because we’re available 24/7 and have high-quality items in stock.

    We also follow stringent safety guidelines. For instance, the garage door needs to reverse and move upward after two seconds of sensing an obstacle. Also, if the door has not achieved a fully closed position in 30 seconds, a supplementary entrapment-protection device needs to be incorporated. This could be an edge sensor, a photoelectric eye or a second force-sensing device.

    We respond promptly and get the job done incredible fast. Moreover, we also offer a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects on certain items. Need a lifetime warranty? Call us today for more details.

    Whether it’s a commercial or residential garage door, an upgrade to a new one could be in store. Contact Eloy Garage Door today and enquire about a garage door for sale in St Charles.

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